Georgian web for those, who listen

Georgian web exists for more than 10 years and we build it daily, whereis it builds important details of our lives. Unfortunately, there are still thousands of people, who cannot access its benefits.

If you would like to learn:
– How blind people use computers, internet, social networks, email..
– What technologies and problems exist in Georgia regarding this
– With what minimal resource can we make Georgian web accessible

Join us on 14 May, 2017 at 14:30 and share your opinion.
Together with IDIT and GITA, I’m organizing a small conference.

Our plan:
Kakha Tskhovrebashvili, Teacher at N202 School for blind and visually impaired, will introduce us to screen readers.

Giorgi Gvasalia, Head of IDIT, will present us a site with audio reading, accessibility standards and he will review Georgian web.

Beka Gozalishvili, Softare developer at Public Service Development Agency, will tell us about how to syntethise speech: What is a speech synthesizer and how can we create it. Beka is blind, but he actively uses internet and writes software on various programming languages. He is a main contributor for translating the screen reader to georgia and creating a Georgian speech synthesizer.

Aleksandre Khutsishvili, Senior software developer at Circle, will speak about one of audio interfaces in an OS and what are available for blind developers.

And me, Elene Latsoshvili will offer you a small experimental project – Georgian minimalistic blogging platform, where users can create their own blogs, write articles, use comments and messaging. Also, I will describe opportunities for making a web system accessible, how screen readers work behind the scenes, what is the purpose of semantic web and what problems we might face on the way.

If your web site is created in accordance to general web standards, sometimes it’s very easy, maybe even in one day, to make it accessible for large number of blind people.

For more information about the conference and registration, please, visit a fb page of our event.



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