Project “Kaldra” – Georgian minimalistic blogging platform adapted to screen reader

Let me present you a small experimental project: “Kaldra” is a minimalistic blogging platform, adapted to screen readers. So, blind people can use it completely independently.

On website you can:
• Register
• Create your own blog, which will be located at url: <selected name>
• Publish articles
• View stats about your blog and articles
• Use comments and messaging
• Gather favourite blogs
• Search articles

This project was mentioned on an event dedicated to making Georgian web accessible. Here are several tech talks from the event (in Georgian).

In videos you can see how blind people use computer and internet; Also, listen to Georgian speech synthesizer; And I speak about those minimal technical details, which could bring largest impact for accessibility, if implemented.

“Kaldra” already passed initial testing phase and now it awaits bloggers 🙂 If you know someone, who uses a screen reader himself or would like to address to Georgian blind readers, please, share this information to them.

I would gladly receive feedback and will try to improve the platform. What I was aiming, was to build a very minimalistic system with minimal steps for the user and convenient navigation.



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